9 Things You Cannot Miss in Positano

Positano is a fairytale of a city. If you’re reading this post, I’m going to boldly assume that you’re planning to travel here at some point. And for that, I’m jealous!

Wondering how to get to Positano? It can be a bit tricky, but here’s a blog post that will help you decide on transportation!

Positano is one of those places that you just know you’ll never get tired of. You could do everything, eat at every restaurant, see every site, and still be able to find happiness in walking down the European streets in awe of Positano’s beauty.

BUT, let’s say you haven’t done every activity or eaten at every restaurant yet. Here’s my list of favorites that you simply cannot miss when you’re visiting Positano for the first or the tenth time.

1. The beaches

beach in positano, italy

Positano is known for its beaches, and for good reason – they are stunning! There are two main beaches to visit and you can’t miss them if you do a lot of walking around Positano. The more popular one is called Spiaggia Grande (or Large Beach). When you think of Positano Beaches lined with the infamous blue and orange chairs and umbrellas, this is the beach you’re thinking of.

At this beach, you can rent boats, kayaks, paddle boards, snorkel gear, etc. You can also rent a chair and umbrella for about 10 – 12.50 Euros.

There are also a bunch of restaurants around Spiaggia Grande, but I’ve heard great things specifically about Chez Black. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to try it because they require reservations. I’ll definitely be making one next time I visit!

If you want to get away from the largest crowds in the village, but still lay on the beach, you can head over to the smaller of the two beaches: Fornillo Spiaggia (or Fornillo Beach).

When I was in Positano in May 2019, I would walk down to Fornillo Beach and have nearly the entire beach to myself. However, if you’re visiting in the summer months, there will likely still be a lot of tourists around looking to escape the crowds of Spiaggia Grande.

Fornillo Beach is about a 10 minute walk from Spiaggia Grande. You can still rent chairs and umbrellas (likely at a lower cost). You won’t find the fancy restaurants right off the beach, but you can buy snacks and casual meals from the stands that you’ll see toward the back of Fornillo Beach.

2. Getting lost in Positano streets

I actually used to get so annoyed by travel bloggers who recommended I “walk around” as an activity in a new city. I’m someone who craves structure and planning, but Positano opened my eyes to a new kind of excitement.

I would wake up around 5am (thanks, jetlag!) almost every morning and just start walking around. I told myself that when I got hungry, I’d find a place to eat. If I got tired, I’d find a place to sit. Sometimes, it’s as simple as that.

Positano is a village that is so undeniably European – everywhere you go is stunningly gorgeous. Yes, even the random pathways you’ll find heading down to the beach or to a hidden restaurant, which is why I have so many photos of them.

So, take a day and get lost. This is one thing you really really cannot miss when in Positano. You can realistically walk the entire village in about a day, so see everything, turn down every road, and don’t forget to take some photos along the way.

3. Buying handmade, custom sandals

There are a few different sandal shops around Positano. The special thing about them is that they’ll hand-make custom sandals for you on the spot!

I stopped at Nana’s shop and picked out a style and material I liked and the sandals were made for me about an hour later for about 65 Euros. It is kind of pricey, but they remind me of Positano every time I wear them. So, it was worth it for me.

4. Taking a boat (or a yacht!) to Capri

You can’t go to Positano and NOT get on a boat! In fact, getting into the water will give you some of the best views of the entire coastline of Positano.

The public ferry from Positano to Capri takes anywhere from 50 minutes to an hour and 25 minutes and costs anywhere from 14 to 23 Euros. They depart fairly often (at least one or two each hour) and start around 5:30am and end around 9:30pm.

The ferry is a low-cost way to get to Capri for the day and explore, but I’d also recommend checking out a bout tour that lets you explore Capri for a while. You can find ones like this on Airbnb experiences. Instead of going straight from Positano to Capri, these boat tours will usually show you the Faraglioni rocks, the Blue Grotto, stop so you can swim, and more.

5. Trying Lemoncello

lemon sorbet in positano italy
Pictured is lemon sorbet

The entire Amalfi Coast is known for its lemons and you can’t miss them in Positano! Most of the restaurants have some kind of lemon dessert – usually lemon sorbet. But the real treat in this part of Italy is the Lemoncello.

If you want to get fancy, you can take a tour of a lemon farm or a lemoncello factory in Amalfi. However, if you’re not as lemon-obsessed as I am, you can simply try and buy some lemoncello at any of the many shops in Positano.

6. Eating outside next to the street

The streets in Positano are quite narrow. You’ll find yourself wondering how anyone confidently drives on them!

Nevertheless, the restaurants along the main roads have squeezed tables on both sides of the street. The waiter often has to cross the street in order to wait tables.

It’s a cool experience and really makes you feel like you’re part of the atmosphere. I didn’t mind sitting outside for hours slowly eating pizza, drinking wine, and listening to the passersby.

Two of the restaurants I’d recommend for this are Sereceno d’Oro and Mediterraneo. The food at both of these places was amazing and the service was even better.

7. Renting a scooter

I mentioned above that you can see pretty much the entirety of Positano by foot, BUT Positano is just one town along the Amalfi Coast!

The perfect way to see the rest of the towns is by scooter! You can rent a scooter for one or two people by the day (65 Euros for one day). Unfortunately, it was raining on the day I had planned to do this. When I go back I plan to see at least Amalfi and Ravello in addition to Positano.

8. Dancing at Music on the Rocks

Music on the Rocks is THE night club right on the beach in Positano. I didn’t have a chance to check it out when I was in town, but I’ve heard it’s where locals and tourists come together to dance the night away until about 4am.

9. Having a night cap on a terrace

Positano, Italy at night

If you’re into a more relaxed environment at night, you can’t miss seeing the Positano coast at night. If you think the pastel buildings that line the coast are pretty during the day, I can’t wait for you to see how magical Positano becomes at night.

Le Sirenuse is the perfect hotel bar for this! If I’m being totally honest, the service wasn’t great here (I think because I was alone and only having one drink), but the views make up for it. I’d recommend going for a drink or two (they’re expensive) on the terrace and then finishing the night with a walk around the area.

There’s so much to do!

There’s clearly no shortage of things to do in this magical town of Positano! Don’t feel bad if you can’t pack everything into one trip. Once you visit, I guarantee you’ll want to come back again because you’ll miss Positano as soon as you leave!

Just remember to take some time and walk around slowly. Really take in the sounds, smells, and sights because that’s what you’re going to remember when you look back years later at the random photos of staircases and pathways you took (is that just me?). They’ll transport you right back to where you were.

I’m honestly quite jealous that you’re planning a trip to Positano, but I have no doubt that this coastal town and I will meet again.

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    • Ugh same! It was amazing and I can’t wait to drag Austin there with me!

  • I love, love love Positano! I haven’t been since high school, and I really want to go back to explore more and take photos on that beautiful beach!!

  • Postiano looks like such a lovely town to walk around. I could see myself happily getting lost on it’s narrow streets.

    • It sure is! That was one of my favorite parts of exploring – getting lost!

  • That lemon sorbet looks amazing, I loved Limoncello when I had it last time I was there in Italy. I haven’t had a chance to visit Positano though yet. Although it looks beautiful and I can’t wait to go. Having a night cap on the terrace looks like the perfect evening activity

    • It was amazing! Seeing the lights from all the buildings on the hillside was incredible!

  • Positano is such a pretty place 🙂 I really want to go and your guide definitely makes me want to go even more. I especially want to take a boat to Capri, I have seen on videos that the clear water and incredible views.

    • It sure is! I want to make it back in a warmer month so I can actually swim without freezing!

  • The Limoncello looks soooo good! I remember trying that in Spain once in 1994! HAHA I’m starting to feel so old!

    • Nooo! You’ve just had more adventures! I haven’t been to Spain yet, but I’ll have to try it there when I go!

  • You had me at lemon sorbet! I love eating anything with lemon flavor too! Positano looks like a fabulous place to wander around by foot and take a bunch of photos. Can’t wait to visit in the future.

    • I could eat lemon-flavored things forever! And yes, it definitely is!

  • I would LOVE to visit Positano! I think I would much prefer to go during a non-touristy time like you did so I could enjoy it with fewer crowds 🙂 a day trip to Capri is an awesome idea too! Definitely adding that to my to-do list.

    • Yes! It was seriously so amazing!!! The only downside to the off season is it’s a little cold to swim, but still really fun otherwise


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