Online Course Reviews: A Round-Up of All the Online Courses I’ve Taken

Why I’m writing online course reviews

Keep reading for online course reviews on B-School, The Instagram Lab, Ebook Bestseller Bootcamp, YouTube for Bosses, Genius Blogger’s Toolkit, and more to come!

I consider myself an online course junkie when it comes to blogging. Austin makes fun of me for loving them so much because he can’t wait to graduate school and never take another course in his life. But there’s just something about a school and learning environment that I love.

So, as you can probably imagine, I’ve taken quite a few courses since I’ve started blogging. There’s one thing I always look for when I’m deciding whether or not to take a specific course: reviews! I want to know what an outsider thought of the material, not just the overly enthusiastic testimonials that the course creator decided to weed through and put on their sales page.

Also note that these are my opinions and there are different ones out there. I’ll make sure to tell you exactly why I did or didn’t like a particular course, so you can try to judge for yourself.

Let’s jump on in!

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Online Course Reviews - unbiased reviews of 5 popular online courses

B-School Review ($2,000)

Ah, B-School. One of the most controversial courses out there right now made by a controversial entrepreneur, Marie Forleo. When I invested in this high ticket course, it wasn’t so controversial. I’ll give my unbiased B-School review to start off this list of online course reviews. Then, let you in on why it’s a touchy subject right now.

I thought the content was solid and well worth $2,000. I bought the course through one of her affiliates, Amy Porterfield, which gave me extra bonuses on top of everything B-School had to offer. The course runs live for eight weeks, but you can really take it at whatever pace is good for you because you have access for as long as B-School is being sold.

What’s included in B-School?

I think the course itself is laid out in a very professional way and everything was very intuitive to find. Here’s a breakdown of what’s included:

Module 1: Clarify Your Profit Plan. Marie walks you through building a business plan that will actually make you money.

Module 2: Build a Website That Converts. You learn how to build a website and what to include to convert viewers into customers.

Module 3: Design Your Content and Communication Plan. Marie discusses the importance of content creation in any business and helps you create a plan to start doing that.

Module 4: Nurture and Grow Your Email List. You’ll learn how and why to start an email list along with how to get people to join it.

Module 5: Deliver Products and Services That Customers Love. Marie talks through strategies to make sure you’re creating a product or service that people will love. How to turn customers into raving fans.

Module 6: Timeless Marketing for Modern Entrepreneurs. How to get your name out there and get more eyes on your business.

The course also comes with a ton of bonuses including an entirely separate course called Start the Right Business to make sure you’re on the right path or give you ideas of what business to start. I thought this bonus was the most helpful, but there are a ton more to go through. You can check out everything that’s included here.

Who is it for?

While I do think the course was solid, I don’t think it’s the best choice for bloggers. This is primarily a course about starting and growing a service or a product-based business. Marie does mention blogging as a business a few times in the course, but I just don’t think it gave enough value to justify the price point specifically for bloggers.

That said, if you are someone who is serious about starting a product or service-based business or you’re a blogger who wants to start offering products or services, this could be a great course for you. It’s likely the only course you’ll need for quite a while since it includes so much.

Ok, so why is it so controversial?

I wanted to include this section in my online course reviews because I don’t think it would be a good review if I didn’t let you in on the touchy side of this course.

Part of the reason so many people like B-School is the Facebook group you get access to when you sign up. It’s a group of 30,000+ people who have taken B-School. So, it’s a HUGE group that you can ask questions to, run ideas by, etc. I personally don’t engage too much in the group, but some people absolutely love it.

When George Floyd tragically lost his life due to police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement started picking up steam, people in the group understandably wanted to talk about it. As you can imagine, in a group this large, there will be differences of opinion. Blatant acts of racism started happening within the group and it seemed like Marie panicked.

At first, she sensored the group to only allow race discussions on one post per week. Then she sensored the group by only allowing interaction with posts when moderators were present. This was really inconvenient for people living on the other side of the world. THEN she left the group all together and kind of said “you’re on your own.” So, now the group is just a free for all without any admin.

All of this instead of deleting racist comments and kicking those people out.

So, for that reason, a lot of people don’t like her or her program and have left the group. I will let you decide whether or not this sways your decision about buying B-School. I wanted to lay it all out there.

Ebook Bestseller Bootcamp Review ($147)

This course is probably one of the best I’ve taken in terms of ROI (return on investment) and productivity. Ana of The She Approach created this course to teach step by step how to conceptualize, create, and publish an ebook. I used this course when I wrote Free Travel Formula and because of it, I was able to write the entire ebook in a month!

What’s included?

Module 1: Writing, Formating, and Designing Your Ebook

Module 2: Publishing, Launching, and Selling Your Ebook

Module 3: Increasing Ebook Sales and Passive Income Strategies

The course goes very in depth with each of these modules and gives you step by step instructions for how to do everything. Ana even includes expert interviews, so we’re actually learning from several different people. She also has a Facebook group to join and bounce ideas off of others who have gone through EBB.

When I wrote my ebook, I followed along with the course every step of the way. The best advice Ana gives in this course is to set a deadline for yourself. I set a deadline for a month, worked backward to figure out how to make that happen, and then made it happen!

I loved this course so much that I became an affiliate for it. This means if you buy EBB using my link, I get a small commission, but I only recommend products that I use myself and absolutely love. She even gave me a code for you guys to use for $20 off if you decide to buy it!

Just type in “EBB20OFF” at check out and the course will be yours for $127 which will be made back in no time once your ebook is selling like hotcakes!

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blogger taking an online course

YouTube For Bosses Review ($397)

There was a time when I was going to passionately pursue YouTube. I bought Sunny Lenarduzzi’s course called YouTube for Bosses to help me get to the point where I could monetize my YouTube channel. I know this isn’t specific to bloggers, but many bloggers branch out to YouTube, so I wanted to add it to my list of online course reviews.

What’s included?

Phase 1: Research. Learn how to research certain topic you want to make videos about and how well they may or may not do on YouTube.

Phase 2: The H.O.T. Script Formula. Sunny teaches you her formula for the perfect YouTube script and how to efficiently film your videos.

Phase 3: Optimizing Your Video. Learn how to create a great thumbnail and get your video in the eyes of as many people as possible.

Phase 4: Get Off of YouTube. How to get your audience off of YouTube and to your website to become customers.

There are also a few bonuses included to help you set up an email list.

Who is it for?

This course is definitely not for people who are interested in starting a vlog-type YouTube channel. Sunny specifically advises against that when you’re first starting out because vlogs typically aren’t searchable. However, if you’re looking to create an education-based YouTube channel, this course is extremely useful to get more eyes on your videos.

Sunny goes into such deep detail about how to pick good topics within your niche of expertise. I think the research phase was the most useful because people often say “do keyword research,” but Sunny shows you exactly how to do that.

The H.O.T. Script Formula is also very useful for scripting out your videos because when I was trying to do this myself, I was falling flat.

This is an overall positive review of YouTube for Bosses. Just make sure it’s something you definitely want to pursue, so you don’t end up like me one day, listing out all of the courses you’ve taken and realizing how much you’ve spent on things that are no longer applicable to you!

The Instagram Lab Review ($297)

The Instagram Lab is one of Jenna Kutcher’s core online courses she offers year-round. I bought the Instagram Lab and the List to Launch Lab when she had her first (and only?) sale about a year ago. I have yet to go through the entire List to Launch Lab, but I did finish the Instagram Lab in about 4 weeks.

What’s included?

Module 1: What to Post: How to Create a Visual Brand Through Images. This teaches you how to create a cohesive Instagram feed and why it’s important to do so.

Module 2: What to Say: How to Write Better Captions. I think you get this one. Jenna talks about what to write in your Instagram captions.

Module 3: How to Plan: Plan Your Posts in Advance. You’ll learn how to plan your Insta posts up to a month in advance.

Module 4: How to Convert: From Followers to Paying Clients. Jenna teaches her secrets about how to get your followers to visit your website and become paying clients.

It also includes a ton of bonus about how to set up your bio, Instagram Stories strategies, Instagram Reels strategies, how to use IGTV, how to get started with Instagram ads, and more.

Who is it for?

In my opinion, I think this course is for people who are just starting to use Instagram to market their blog or business. I am an avid listener to Jenna’s Podcast, so I already knew a lot of the information she talked about in her course. For that reason, I don’t think it was the right fit for me at the time that I bought it. I had already been using Instagram for quite some time and had I just implemented what I learned from her podcast, Goal Digger, I didn’t need to buy the course.

However, if you just downloaded Instagram or you’ve been using it to share your personal life up until now, I think this will be a great tool to get you started.

bloggers collaborating on an online course

Genius Blogger’s Toolkit Review ($99)

The last (for now!) online “course” I’m going to review is actually a bundle of courses. The Genius Blogger’s ToolKit is a bundle sold once a year by Ultimate Bundles. This is probably the best “bang for your buck” when it comes to online blogging courses. That’s because it includes just under 100 unique resources for you to dive into throughout the year.

The bundle includes ebooks, courses, blogging prompts, downloadables, and more. And it only costs about $100. Now, you likely won’t use everything in this bundle, but take a look at the course prices of all the online course reviews I’ve done above. Even if you only get to one or two of these resources, it’ll be worth it.

You get access to the courses through the Ultimate Bundles portal for a year. After that, you have access for life as long as you sign in or download each of the resources before that one-year deadline.

I might actually do a more in-depth review the next time this Toolkit is for sale because it’s honestly so good for new or seasoned bloggers.

The first question I get asked is usually “Why is it so cheap?” The reason is because bloggers and business coaches submit their products at a highly discounted rate to get their name out there. It’s mutually beneficial because you get a ton of awesome resources and they get more brand/blog exposure.

You don’t want to miss out on this one!

I’ll keep adding…

I hope these online course reviews helped you make a decision one way or another. As bloggers, I firmly believe we should never stop learning not only about our niche, but also about blogging and entrepreneurship in general. There will always be new growth strategies, new marketing tactics, etc. It’s important to continuously test new strategies until you find one that works.

I’ll keep adding course reviews to this post as I continue to go through them because I also think it’s incredibly helpful to get another blogger’s perspective on something before you purchase a course – especially if it’s a higher-priced option.

For now, I hope this was helpful! If there are any courses or ebooks you’re thinking about buying and would like a review on, put them in the comments below! I’m always looking for new courses to join and it just might give me an idea of what to do next.



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