Life Update: Staying in Montana, Trips We’re Planning + more!

You might not remember this, but a while back, I said I wanted to start writing for me again. I want to write articles I’m proud of and that cause people to pause and think. I don’t think this will be that piece. BUT, I’m taking a step in the right direction by not carring about Pinterest or Google SEO at all in this post!

Whoo…even just typing that felt weird.

Of course, I want most of my blog posts to be overflowing with SEO and get picked up on every search engine out there. But sometimes, I want to write just to write. This is what came into my mind today – a life update.

So, let’s do it.

I’ve been feeling rather sentimental lately over Montana. That sounds so weird to say and it looks weird to type, but I’m in love with Montana. I’ve never felt so content in the place that I’m living. I’ve always felt an itch to get away. I called it my “travel bug.” Little did I know, my body was telling me to get away permenently.

It was saying “You don’t belong in this big city, or these flat lands. You belong in a place that makes you thankful you’re alive every day. You belong in a place that makes you wonder and dream about the future. You belong in a place you’re excited to come home to after being away.”

I feel that now.

If you don’t feel that about where you live, keep searching! Please don’t settle in a place you don’t love unless you have a really really good reason to do so.

We’re staying in Montana this summer

Because of my love affair with this state, I wasn’t all that upset when Austin told me his internship this summer will be virtual. The place he’s interning for is located in Blaine, Washington, so that’s where we had planned on moving to for about three months, but since it’s virtual, we’re staying in Montana and working side by side.

Other factors went into that decision – especially the rent. If we moved for the summer, we’d have to be paying rent on two apartments and that wasn’t something we were excited for.

We will still likely take a trip out to Washington this summer just to see what it’s like. If this company offers Austin a job (which they likely will – they’re obsessed with him) when he graduates, we’ll have to choose between living in Michigan or Washington. My heart is currently set on Washington, so we want to visit just to make sure it’s what we want.

Trips we’re planning this year

In addition to our Washington trip, we have a few others planned this year, too! We’re finally going to make it up to Glacier National Park in August. I was able to snag a night at one of the Chalets in the park. These are tiny old hotels in the middle of the park and I believe two of them are currently operating. This is one is located near the Highline trail, so we will walk the Highline Trail one day (and maybe keep going to see Grinnell Glacier), sleep in the chalet, and then walk back the next day.

Before that, though, I have a lot of plans for this summer! The biggest thing I want to do is take a roadtrip around Utah’s National Parks. I can’t decide if I want to book hotels or sleep in my truck for this road trip – maybe a mix of both. Either way, I’m dying to see Zion, Arches, Bryce Canyon, and anything else Utah wants to show me!

There are a few other trips in the works such as a road trip down Highway 1 along the West Coast, but I know there are quite a few travel restrictions in those states, so I’ll have to see what happens with that.

Likewise, I’d LOVE to make it over to Europe this year, but who knows if that’s a possibility. With so much up in the air, I’m really just focusing on planning the road trips that I can for now.

What happens after Austin graduates

Austin is graduating in DECEMBER of this year! This has been a long time coming and I couldn’t be more proud of him for everything he’s accomplished so far. Assuming he’ll get a job with the company he’s been interning for, we’ll end up living in either Washington or Michigan. I’m hoping Washington.

Our dream is to build our home – like really build it – from the ground up ourselves. Of course, we’ll hire help from professionals when we need it, but we want to do as much as we can with the build. However, before that, we plan to buy a fixer upper in whichever town we decide to move to.

Our thought is that we’ll move into the fixer upper, fix it up, and then start building our forever home. Once the house build is done, then we’ll have the fixer upper to either sell or more likely, rent out on AirBnB.

It’s another dream of mine to own rental properties and make an income with that, so this will be our first step to achieving that!

A lot of change is coming at the end of this year and I’m doing my best to welcome it with open arms.



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