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5 Best Hikes in Bellingham, Washington

Bellingham, Washington is such a unique area. Parts of it feel as if the city, itself, is sitting in a forest of trees. While it feels like a bustling community downtown, a short drive in almost any direction will bring you to at least a few hiking trailheads. As soon as we moved here, I started asking around about the best hikes in and near Bellingham. The hikes on this list are the ones that people were excited to talk about, so I knew they had to be the ones I started with. The Best Time of Year for[...]

Thrift Stores in Bellingham, Washington

I was simultaneously excited and nervous about moving to the Bellingham area because of the uncertainty around the quantity and quality of thrift stores in the area. I have a reselling buisness and I was able to scale it so quickly because the thrift stores in Bozeman, MT were amazing! I've been here a month now and can offer some great insight into the Bellingham thrift scene. One thing I noticed right away is that most thrift stores in this area are pricey. They know the quality of the items they have[...]

I Tested Positive for Covid-19 While Traveling and Here’s What Happened

I don't want to say the worst thing happened. I've seen the movie Taken. Obviously, there are worse things that can happen while traveling. But this felt like the worst at the time. As of April 21st, 2022 (when I'm typing this), most countries have opened their borders to US citizens for travel after Covid-19. However, there's one huge risk if you do decide to travel internationally from the US: if you test positive, you can't go home. At least, not immediately. I, along with many others, know this risk[...]

Your Guide To The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

This time last year, I was living in Montana and somehow, I heard about the Tulip Festival in Skagit Valley, Washington and really wanted to go. At the time, it would have been about a twelve hour drive for me, so I ended up not going. However, I live an hour north of Skagit Valley now, so we are heading down to the Tulip Festival in a few weeks! I've been researching this event for over a year now and I wanted to create this guide for anyone who is looking for places to stay near Mt. Vernon, things to[...]

The Best Restaurants in Bellingham, Washington

Bellingham is quite possibly one of the most unique cities I've visited. It has everything you think of when you think of a smaller city: lot of people, plenty of amazing restaurants, and its fair share of traffic. Part of the city feels like it's nestled in the woods, surrounded by pine trees. The other part feels very similar to San Fransisco in my opinion, with hills, winding streets, and harbors lining the coast. Since Bellingham is a city that caters to just about anyone, I would hope that their restaurant[...]

Napa Valley Wine Tours to Take in 2022

As travel continues to open up, I think we'll see more people than ever traveling in 2022. Napa Valley has been on my mind recently since we just moved to the West Coast and a vacation dedicated to wine just feels RIGHT. We did the Napa Valley Wine Train tour back in 2018 (and loved it!), so now, I'm interested in other Napa Valley wine tours we can take in 2022. I thought I'd share the love in this post! Here's a compilation of everything I've found for Napa Valley wine tours. --> Read more about[...]