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I like to say I’m a travel blogger with a day job. I happen to like that day job, but I never feel more passionate or full of life than when I’m traveling or writing about it.

I started this blog as a place to come back to when I’m 80 to read about all the adventures I had, but it’s grown into so much more than that. I LOVE helping people build the perfect itinerary for their trip, figure out how to afford their dream vacation, and maximize the little bit of PTO that we 9-5ers get to see as much of the world as possible.

how She Travels was started

I was born and raised in Midwest USA. I had a love for travel passed down from my mom, but I had this idea that if I were to ever travel abroad (Europe, specifically), I had to go for at least a month or two to see everything. I still laugh at the fact that I thought I could see everything in a month or two. 

Until one day, I came across the opportunity to go on a blogger retreat to Italy. I wasn’t much of a blogger at the time, but this trip really opened my eyes to the world of blogging, gave me some of my best friendships, and gave me the “throw caution to the wind” attitude I have today (at least about travel!).

Since then, I’ve lived in Texas and now I live in Montana. This blog will always be a passion project for me and I can’t wait to see how it impacts my life next!



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